Czech or Russian women

Why should you choose Slovak or Czech women, not Ukranian or Russian women, when looking for a relationship?

There are many answers to this question with many of them listed below. 

  • The Czech Republic and Slovakia are EU Member States, and you do not need any visa to visit either country; traveling to the Czech Republic or Slovakia is very easy and safe.
  • Slovak or Czech women do not need a visa to go to the USA and Canada and can travel virtually anywhere without a problem.
  • The health condition of most Slovak and Czech women is very good since the healthcare system in these countries is at a very good level.
  • Czech and Slovak women are educated, have jobs, do not have problems with housing and in most cases they are satisfied with their life. They are just looking for love from the right man, the man for life.
  • You can come to the Czech Republic or Slovakia any time without wondering whether it is safe and whether you will get the comfort you are used to.
  • Russia and Ukraine are not members of the European Union, and you need a visa to get to Russia!
  • The living standard in Russia, Ukraine and other countries in Eastern Europe is much lower in comparison with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The life of Russian and Ukrainian women is often quite hard. They frequently do not have jobs or money and they will do anything to be able to leave their country. Finding a man from a Western country is usually one of the few possible ways. Their main objective in such a case is not a relationship but a solution to their difficult life situation. It often happens then that they leave the man with whom they left their home country.
  • Russian and Ukrainian women need a visa to be able to travel. It is a very complex procedure to get it and in some cases it may virtually be impossible for them to obtain one.
  • Many Russian dating agencies are not solid and trustworthy. The present photographs of women on their websites who have actually never been in contact with them.
  • Traveling and staying in Russia and the Ukraine is by far not so safe as in the Czech Republic and Slovkia, which are EU Member States.

These are all very strong arguments why you should choose Czech women instead of Russian women when finding a long-term relationship. So do not hesitate and join us!


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