Why Czech girls and women

Czech women are known for their beauty all over the world. Many top models are from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They are educated and the Czech education system is ranked in the TOP TEN and the English skills of Czech women are better than from other countries because of this education. Their culture is still unspoiled by western feminism and that is what makes them great partners and wives. Czech women are good cooks, they clean, and do laundry as expected roles in their culture. Their culture also has them dress like a woman and they try to look beautiful for their man as well as caring for him. Most Slovak women come from a more rural place, they have the same good qualities as Czech women and are very friendly as most of them are country girls. No visa is necessary to come to the Czech Republic or Slovakia and the women do not need a visa and can travel freely to western Europe and now the U.S.A. and Canada.


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