Matchmaker Service - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Czech women want to meet a foreigner?

Not every Czech woman is looking for a partner from a foreign country. If you take a look in our Czech and Slovak ladies database you can see women from all over the two countries, they have responded to our advertisements. Each of these women has her specific reason for wanting to meet a foreigner. We invite single ladies who are educated, speak a foreign language and want to meet a man from abroad. Some of them have already lived abroad and the idea of spending the rest of their lives there appeals to them. In many cases, they have been disappointed in relationships with Czech men and they just want to go a different way.

Why do such beautiful women use the dating services of your agency?

Czech women are romantic, sensitive and in particular careful. When you address them in the street, they will not believe you and these women do not look for serious relationships in discos or clubs. Many of them have had a bad experience with meeting American or British men on their own that had a wife or girlfriend back home. That is why they joined our dating agency because they are looking for a partner for a serious relationship. When a Czech woman wishes to meet a foreigner, the only sound and serious approach is to register with a professional matchmaker. Therefore, many single ladies contact us even though they would otherwise not need to find a partner through a matchmaker.

Are women from your database real?

Yes, of course. The profiles you can see in our database are created by the women themselves. We had the honor of meeting or speaking on the phone with most of them personally. The photographs we use are mostly pictures from their ordinary life, not pre-arranged model-like pictures. This fact also needs to be taken into account when selecting women since you will in many cases be pleasantly surprised that the women look much better in real life than in the photographs you saw first.

Do Czech women need a visa to travel to Western Europe or the USA?

No, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are members of the European Union, and Czech and Slovak women can freely travel throughout Europe. A visa is also no longer required to go to the USA, unlike other Eastern European countries.

I have never used the services of a dating agency, what sort of customers do you usually have?

That’s absolutely all right. 90% of our customers are first time dating service users. Our customers are mostly very successful men, professionals, businessmen and experts in various fields. Most of them do not need to search for single ladies with the help of a matchmaker and our dating service are their first experience in this field. The reason is that when you wish to meet a woman from a foreign country, you face a difficult situation. How to arrange your first date? In a club, on the street, in public transportation? No, in this manner you will most likely not establish a serious long-term relationship. There is also the language barrier and many other obstacles that you would never foresee. And frequently a risk of anonymity. In particular, online dating exposes you to a great risk of deception or malevolent ridicule. The easiest way is to employ our dating services since we are professionals and we will be happy to help you find the right woman for life. We eliminate dating just for fun, amusement or even the misuse of your trust.

When I meet a girl, what happens next?

We will contact the ladies you select or the ladies we suggest and you approve of. We will set up dates with the ladies or give you their contact information so you can set a date up yourself. Your first date! It is one of the best first steps to invite her for lunch or romantic dinner. Be a gentleman, relax, enjoy yourself and the nice date. You both may feel the chemistry working, then everything will develop nicely. You may continue to meet each other as you please, we will not interfere anymore. We are here for you and you can contact us for advice or help. 

Are your fees final or will I have to pay anything extra for the actual match?

The fee for the program you have chosen is final. We are sincere and open and we give you all information about our matchmaker services as well as the full price right at the beginning. We do not engage in the tactics of bait and switch so that everything looks “cheap” at first sight. You do not pay us for meeting a woman but for the work we do for you, which is defined in the program you have selected. If you successfully establish a relationship and are satisfied, you can reward us at your discretion, but in particular by making an entry in our references, and by telling your friends, single men, about us and how we helped you.

What do I have to do to start using your services?

It is easy. Just select one of our products, complete our registration form, make payment to us and then select women to whom we should introduce you. Leave the rest up to us...

If you have any other questions regarding us or our services, please do not hesitate to contact our dating agency


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