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We are an example of what Planet Romance can do for you. I  found my partner from Planet Romance so we know how it works to be a client and find your life partner in our agency. I am a young Czech woman who found my European Swiss fiancee Radim.

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Denisa's comments about western men                                                                                                            Gentlemen, what do beautiful Czech women want? They want respect, understanding and love.  Most men in the Czech Republic do not make compliments to women, they don't send flowers, or stand to show respect when a woman enters the room. These are the traits of gentlemen from the west and Czech women really like these traits. Most Czech men would prefer to sit around and expect their woman to get them a beer while they are watching the football match rather then talk or show any interest or understanding for their woman, but if you treat a Czech lady well, she will take care of you like you have never been taken care of in your life. So, men you have a special opportunity to find a beautiful, educated Czech woman,  by choosing a program with us today and your dreams can soon become a reality!

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